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Tips of becoming a Hip Hop Artist

Nowadays, people appreciate art and hence they are trying to connect with it an also understand it. Art can be defined as a variety products of human activities that involves creative imagination to express their practical beauty, emotional power, politics and proficiency. Arts consists of many ideas and these ideas changes overtime. It can be through visual art, paintings and architecture among others. Art can be used to represent something else. It can also be used for beauty. In this article, we will focus on hip hop art. This is the kind of art that is used in hip hop music. Hip hop is the complex culture that consists of four elements. It includes dejaaying, rapping, rhyming as well as the graffiti painting. Boying is also another element that includes hip=hop dance, attitude as well as style.

The graffiti in hip hop art is intense. It is on the other hand very creative and it requires talent and creativity. You must understand the industry well and for this, you will be able to connect the art. If you are so good with drawing, you can decide to follow ideas of other people who do their drawing on the internet. There are others who have tutorials that could guide you. If you want to become a hip hop graffiti artist, you ought to work harder and also do your research so that you can understand what it means. This is the only way you will be able to communicate using your art. To become a better artist, there are tips that you should follow.

The first thing that you should do is to begin with the basics. Even the creative artists begin from somewhere. It is recommended that you first begin with no colors so
that you can trace your art. Start with paper and a pencil if you become better and progresses into a color artist, you must build a firm foundation with the pencil sketches. You can then proceed and use watercolor, oil and acrylic.

The next step is to purchase good pencils. These are the kind of pencils that will allow you to draw the lines that you need and get the correct shade for every piece. There is a wide selection of pencils in the market and hence you should pick a variety. Ensure that you know exactly when to use the pencil while making the drawings. Do not forget the paper also which should not be super rough or overly smooth.

The third step is to make observations. Start seeing things in an artist perspective. Pay attention to the things that seems unimportant instead of focusing on the bigger picture. Check how the light bounces off substances. This should be in your mind and should help you to come up with the best drawing. Check for the little scenes in the hip hop industry that could be in a drawing. If you are walking around, it is also essential that you carry with you a small book and a pencil that you can use to sketch things when you see them on the streets.

The Essential Laws of Explained

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