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Furniture Refinishing Services

Furniture Refinishing is the process of restoring an item to a former look, especially one that has been used heavily and presents a high wear. Often, items are restored to help achieve a contemporary look or to give it a more classical or antique look. Many furniture restorers choose to offer this service in their homes or offices, especially when they want to replace older pieces of furniture with newer ones. A well-preserved piece of furniture can add value to any home; therefore, the value of furniture restoration is very important.

Refinishing furniture involves stripping off the original finish on the furniture to restore it’s look and style, while maintaining its durability. furniture refinishing services usually include options of: Original finish. Hand stripping. French polishing.

Furniture restoration includes many steps, starting from the purchase of the furniture until it is restored to like-new life. Furniture restoration also entails the careful restoration of fittings, shelves, drawer units, drawers, upholstery fabric, cushion covers, cushions, backrest glides, headboards, arm rests and foot rests. Some furniture refineries offer in house services, but most specialize in custom made furniture restoration.

The main objective of furniture restoration is to bring back the luster and shine of the original finish. This can be achieved through the use of specially formulated chemicals, polishes, and stains. These finishes may include electrostatic cleaning, leather cleaners, urethane finishes, paint protectors and many more. Different materials will react differently to the chemicals that are used and may necessitate the use of several refinishers.

Furniture refiners use experienced craftsmen who have years of experience in furniture restoration. The quality of antique furniture restoration is extremely important and it is imperative that only the best products are used. Furniture refiners will consult with the customers and try their level best to bring back the luster of the original furniture finish as much as possible. Some furniture manufacturers provide in house furniture restoration service as well.

Furniture manufacturers and furniture refiners offer quality furniture refinishing services to help get rid of old and dilapidated furniture and restore it into a new life with a new look and feel. They will be able to rejuvenate each piece and ensure that it looks great. Some of the furniture refiners offer in house services, while others provide a complete service from start to finish. No matter what the need, it is always advisable to hire furniture restoration experts.

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